Johnson Home Improvements offers long lasting shower screens in South Australia

At Johnson Home Improvements we can also supply and install quality shower screens in a range of frame colour and glass combinations, such as:

  • Semi-frameless
  • Frameless
  • Grange series


Frameless showerscreens give a bathroom the look of luxury and a style that is timeless. For the most exquisite showerscreen design, the Frameless range is uncompromising in its design and quality. With elegant simplicity, a Frameless showerscreen will offer a spacious, beautiful look that cannot be matched for performance or style.

Framed / Semi Framed

The framed range has smoothly rounded corners and uses contoured profiles to eliminate dirt and soap traps. The framed showerscreen will add colour and define the shower recess within the bathroom. With a choice between a single pivoting door, and a two or three panel sliding door, there is a showerscreen to meet your needs and to fit into your bathroom layout.

The Semi-Framed range combines a balance of beauty and functionality and the pivot door provides an open, uninterrupted view into the shower recess.

Available in a range of standard and custom styles, The Framed and Semi Framed range will provide you a lifetime of reliability and functionality.

Semi Frameless / Grange

The Semi Frameless showerscreen is the ultimate in affordable luxury. The stylish pivot door system is
constructed from strong die cast metal engineered to withstand everyday use. Available in a range of standard and custom configurations, the slim line beauty and design elegance ensure the Semi Frameless showerscreen will help you create an exciting, visually spacious and stylish bathroom.

Customisable features

At Johnson Home Improvements, you are able to customise your shower screens through different options such as colours, glass options and mirrors.

Colour Range

White, White Birch, Ivory, Matt Silver, Bright Silver, Gold* 

* not available in all ranges

Glass Options

Toughened, Laminated, Clear, Tinted, Patterned, Frosted


While almost an essential item in your bathroom already, you can make any room appear more spacious by simply adding a mirror.

To match the Framed Series showerscreens, JHI offers framed mirrors using the same frame profile and range of colours as the framed showerscreen. We also offer two types of frameless mirrors, either with a bevelled edge or a polished edge.

Mirror types in Port Pirie